Boulder Lodge

Subject: Concept for a mountain retreat
Location: Gaular, Norway
Scale: small structure

The Boulder Lodge is placed parcially submerged in the hill side of Kjelstadnakken in Norway.
The structure is inspired by a big boulder situatied on a nearby pathway, which has gently worked its way down the mountain slopes for many many years untill it came to a gentle stop half submerged in the soft soil of the forests that stretch across the lower parts of the south side of the mountain.


The lodge is an attempt at exploring how the most simple geometric shapes can be interpreted and used as a simple retreat in the mountains. The most important part of this project is the situation on the mountain slopes with a view of the waters of Hestad.


Two sides of the initial cubic structure has been removed alowing for a very strong and direct connection to the nature around it. This effect is enhanced by the transparency through the whole structure when standing on the “entrance” area on the back side of the lodge. The view is emphasized in all rooms except for the bathroom for which you go “inside” the mountain slope and enjoy the closeness and feel of an intimid, closed, stone build space.


The professional background for this project was to see how well the BIM application Revit works together with other 3D applications used to render and composite the final images.

Open Source Credits:

Blender – 3D content, Visualizations


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