Subject: Cultural Heritage
Location: Gammel Estrup, Norddjurs
Scale: Building / Planning
This project is the final project for me at Aarhus School of Architecture and my masters assignment. It is a respons to an earlier assignment, Gammel Estrup, from my previous semester. The Gammel Estrup project opened a potential problem for which this project is a possible solution.
The project proposes a new building expanding the existing structure of the manor and giving the administrative personnel more space and a better way of utilizing their existing building.
This post will be updated soon.

GE Planche Img 01

Gammel Estrup is situated between a big hillside called “Helligbjerget” and the river called “Alling Å”.
This situation has given the structure a very distinct north / south direction and resulted in a central build core and two green zones going north and south connecting the manor to its fields, the main road and the Mill.

GE- Beliggenhed

“Smedegården” is the name of the courtyard in the south western corner of the central build zone. It is part of the edge that defines the transition between the central built area and the southern green zone.
It is adjacent to the main central courtyard, the moat, the carp ponds and the gardens near the old smithy.

Plan 1_500

The new building uses interpretations of the building style and elements of the existing context to sit well in the hierarchy of the existing buildings. It also used modern methods of construction which sets it apart from the existing as to be honest to the age and history of the buildings it sits next to.

GE Planche 04 Snit Both
Facade Persp_05

The building is seperated into three sections.
One section contains the administrative facilities. This means the workspaces and offices for the administrative personnel and an archiving room.
The middle section contains the main entrance on the main floor and a kitchen / dining zone on the first floor. In the basement are found the toilet/bath/tech. facilities.
The last section is one big room intended for conferences and special exhibitions.


Cross sections and diagrams:


Length Section and sketches of interior.

Rumlige situationer

Mockup of construction system.

Konst 03

Perspective of the stairs to the courtyard


Perspective of interior exhibition

GE Viz 03

Perspective of interior conference setup.

Viz 02 (1)

Perspective of hallway and workspace.

GE - Viz 04
GE - Viz 05 Raw

All software used in this project has been open source. Further information and files will be added soon. Until then resources made by other authors are mentioned in the paper assignment. Thanks for your work, it will be mentioned here and in return I will release all production files after I have cleaned them a bit. thanks to all the developers of these great programs:

Blender – 3D content, Visualizations and 2D sections
Inkscape – 2D graphics, icons and diagrams
Gimp – Photo editing, Color corrections, Montages
Scribus – Layout of written assignment and layout of presentation boards

  1. Thank you. It is so wonderful to see such pro designs done in open source software.

    • ejnar says:

      Thank you for reminding me of it.
      I have neglected this site a bit after I got a job.
      I had not even updated that or that I have had a name change since I got married this summer. (fixed now though)
      I am working on multiple things that will get a spot here soon.
      Thanks for the nice words.

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