Gammel Estrup

Subject: Cultural Heritage
Location: Gammel Estrup Manor, Djursland
Scale: Analysis / Planning
Language: Danish

In the course of six months Gammel Estrup has been the target of this project aimed at analyzing and mapping the cultural and architectural values of this renaissance manor.

The final result is an atlas containing our findings along with illustrations, sections through the landscape and mappings of the cultural environment in and around Gammel Estrup.

Gammel Estrup 01

The project was completed by the team Nicolai Berg Andersen, Emil Kroghede Olsen and myself.

More information and images will soon follow. This atlas also lays the ground for our masters degrees in the spring of 2014.

Download the atlas: (written in danish):

Web edition (small size): click here

Print edition (nice quality): click here

Open Source Credits:
Blender – 3D content, Visualizations and 2D sections
Inkscape – 2D graphics, icons and diagrams
Gimp – Photo editing, Color corrections, Montages
Scribus – Layout of written assignment and layout of presentation boards
Snap.svg – Layout of timeline feature

Gammel Estrup Atlas

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